Deck Power Washing

& Sanding

There’s no better way to improve home value and appearance than with a beautiful deck that adds style and functionality to your home.

Quality Pressure Washing & Sanding Services

Washing your deck at least once a month with soap and water will help keep the deck clean. And it also keeps away any elements that can harm your deck through repeated exposure.

However, an essential part of your deck maintenance routine involves deck power washing and sanding. Each routine works independently at prolonging your deck’s life and looks.

The deck’s wood fibers can remain raised when dry to cause splinters. Lightly but thoroughly sanding the wooden deck ensures an excellent result for your deck refinishing job.

Besides, sanding and staining the deck helps seal the wood, thus preventing moisture from seeping into the fibers and rotting the deck.

Pressure Washing Services

Power washing, on the contrary, removes the accumulated mold and mildew to revitalize its appearance, and it also helps reduce the risk of any possible damage and stains.

However, power washing is better left to the professionals. Though it seems easy, the wrong equipment and knowledge can lead to costly or irreparable harm.

That’s why it’s better to leave the power washing and sanding to professionals at Legion Home Services. We know how to maintain and keep your deck clean for you to enjoy for years and decades.

As a small company, we take great pride in delivering excellent customer service.

When you consider Legion Home Services, you are selecting an experienced owner-operator who actually physically builds decks and offers different varieties of services!

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