Deck Resurfacing & Repair

Give your outdoor space an upgrade with a beautiful custom restoration for damaged or outdated decks.

Professional Deck Repair Services

After years of wear and tear, decks sometimes need repairs to maintain their essential components. Whether you have a loose railing or a warped and unstable framework, our deck repair experts can offer their assistance to restore any damages that may be compromising the integrity of your deck.

Damages affecting the foundational substructure of your deck should be taken care of as soon as possible to prevent further issues. Substructure components such as joists, beams, and support posts are prone to water damage after prolonged exposure to the elements. These components play a critical role in the security and stability of your deck and should receive immediate professional care as soon as they begin showing signs of weakness.

Deck Repair Services

Transform Your Deck With Improved Appearance and Functionality.

At Legion Home Services, we prioritize the safety and structural soundness of every deck to ensure long-lasting improvements! Our experts deliver high-quality decks that homeowners can take pride in.

Deck Resurfacing Services

Custom Deck Resurfacing Services

As long as the frame of your deck is strong, you can benefit from a custom deck resurface to restore a damaged or outdated surface. This is an affordable alternative to constructing a new deck that uses your existing substructure as a framework to install new boards, railings, and other surface components.

Our decking experts can assess your frame to determine whether you need to construct a new deck or if a resurface will suffice. Minor foundational repairs can be made prior to resurfacing if our professionals find any issues that may compromise structural soundness. Our deck resurfacing services can help homeowners achieve an updated appearance by replacing any weathered surfaces. Contact our experts today to determine whether your deck qualifies for resurfacing.

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