Deck Staining, Painting

& Finishing

The common question that pops into most homeowners’ minds after constructing a new deck is if it needs painting, staining, or finishing. You may wonder if you should use a clear finish or paint it a solid color.

Deck Staining, Painting & Finishing

Besides, continual exposure to rain, snow, sleet, ice, and direct sunlight can take its toll on the wood. Regular maintenance like power washing and sanding, deck painting, staining, and finishing preserve the deck´s color, grain, and longevity.

An oil-based stain will also help prevent the deck from cracking from the heat and natural drying. The stain helps retain moisture in the wood while keeping excess water out to prevent cracking and moisture accumulation or warping.

If you opt to paint the deck, you can select the right hue, tone, and shade to complement your home colors. Deck staining, on the contrary, doesn’t color but exposes most of the wood grain as you wish.

The finish applied after the staining process, in turn, helps seal the deck from moisture. In short, the exterior stain helps waterproof the deck while protecting it from the elements and preventing the lumber from warping.

Sometimes it’s not easy for you as the homeowner to decide if you want to paint the deck or stain it and let the natural wood beauty show through.

This is where we at Legion Home Services can help. We help you select the best deck stain to showcase your wood while complementing your home.  Let us choose the perfect and affordably priced stain to restore your deck to its original beauty.

As a small company, we take great pride in delivering excellent customer service.

When you consider Legion Home Services, you are selecting an experienced owner-operator who actually physically builds decks and offers different varieties of services!

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