New Deck Design and Construction

Are you building your dream home? Do you want to transform your outdoor space? If so, our decking professionals are Legion Home Services can help make your dream a reality.

Professional Deck Design and Construction

It doesn’t matter what your custom dream deck looks like; we have you covered. We will create a customized deck that improves your home aesthetics and value while providing more space for enjoyment and storage.

We will help select the design and materials based on:

  • How you plan to use the deck
  • The features you want to incorporate into the deck
  • Whether you want the deck to blend in or stand out with its surroundings
  • The type of lighting you want

Deck Design and Construction Services

Once you give us a general idea of how you plan to use your deck, our decking experts will decide the best deck size, shape, and style for you. And if you
aren’t sure which material is best for you, our experts will help you decide. We will explain each material´s different prices, lifespan, and maintenance requirements to better understand the type of deck you are looking for.

Legion Home Services make your new deck design and construction process as easy as possible. We hold your hand throughout the entire process, from coming up with an estimate to helping you select the right deck design and materials.

Contact us at Legion Home Services once you know what you want, are ready to start building, or need guidance in your new deck construction.

As a small company, we take great pride in delivering excellent customer service.

When you consider Legion Home Services, you are selecting an experienced owner-operator who actually physically builds decks and offers different varieties of services!

Popular Service Areas Include:

Media, PA 

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